It is our goal to ensure you have the best Wi-Fi experience possible.  There are a few variables that affect our systems and your experience such as available uplink and ambient rf interference.

There are literally hundreds of hardware and software device combineations that can utilize Wi-Fi networks including ours. In order to get your specific device successfully connected and achieve maximum performance we have compiled a a list of basic instructions and have provided a couple links to inormational online resources. 

To use Hot Spot Wi-Fi POD Network

1. Turn on your device Wi-Fi and ensure that it is set to connect to unknown networks,

2. Select the Hot Spot POD network for your event.  Most instances this is the event name and the words "Free", "Open", or "Guest" network. 

3. Enter email address and/or voucher if required, check the Accept box on terms and conditions and/or click connect. 

Be patient as you complete this process as there are possibly thousands of phones connecting to the network in addtion to yours.  In order to maintain proper safety and quality control issues, it may take up to 15 seconds to connect. 

For Best experience turn off automatic updates.  If your phone is company issued, you may have a vpn, firewall or security app preventing you to connect to unknown Wi-Fi networks.