In this world and in our PODs,  technology has become so integral, so intense.  Even as we connect thousands and thousands of little devices, we must not forget the people that make it, and everything  

Without great Wi-Fi guys and Wi-Fi gals giving their all to enhance how we live and communicate together; its just metal.   Lifeless components waiting for a special touch from those that make a difference.

Our friend, Chris Heighway, was the standard for which all will follow when it came to converting metal gadgets to livelyhood.  He was one of the first, definitely one of the best and will always be our original "Wi-Fi Guy".    

Wi-Fi Guy #1 Bryan.  

Likes green lights on equipment and speed tests over 100Mbs

Wi-Fi Gal Tammy

Red is her color....

Wi-Fi Gal Avy

Always putting on a show!

Wi-Fi Guy Brian

Keeps PODs purdy.

Wi-Fi Guy Jeff

Smooth operator

                       Wi-Fi Guy Roger

As wholesome as they come, until someone cuts a cord....

Wi-Fi Guy Dave

"no time for pics, must set antennas"

Wi-Fi Guy Eli

"Master Spooler" from day 1

Wi-Fi Guy Jordan

Honorary Master Wi-Fi Guy Tony

Wi-Fi Guy Archer

Master of the Mini POD

Wi-Fi Guy Tony - The Wi-Force is strong with this one...

Wi-Fi Guy Riley and his trusted sidekick

Has gadets, will travel

Wi-Fi Guy Tim - "110 degree in the shad, no problem..."