It is our goal to ensure you have the best Wi-Fi experience at Hot Spot Wi-Fi connected events.

There are litterally hundreds of hardware and software device combinations that can utilize Wi-Fi networks including those provided by Hot Spot Wi-Fi Pods.

In order to help you get your specific device successfully connected and achieve maximum performance we have compiled a list of basic instructions and have provided a couple links to informational online resources for your support.

To Use Hot Spot Wi-Fi Pod Network

1. Turn on Wi-Fi on your device,

2. Select the Hot Spot Pod network from your available networks tab.  Most Hot Spot Pod network SSIDs are simply the event name added to the words "Free WiFi".  Example "Festival-Free WiFi". Once you select network,  you will be presented with a custom welcome portal identifying the event and event hosts and sponsors.

3.  If the event host has chosen to require email authentication to use the network, simply enter a valid email address and press enter.  When doing so you agree to the terms and conditions of Hot Spot WiFi Pods listed here.

If the event host has allowed open access, simply click on accept terms and conditions.

4. In both instances, you will be forwarded to the event landing page and free to use the WiFi network provided. 

In the event you have difficulties loggin in,  there are many many different software and hardware settings within your device that can be preventing successful connection.

In order to provide you with specific device assitance we have included the following links to a couple of the most popular mobile device operating systems below: