PODs can be designed for any event

To help event hosts provide the maximum value to their attendees, Hot Spot Pods are outfitted with robust audio/video capabilities, cell phone charging station, integrated web-cam, and varying models of display screens.  Scaled generator is included for outdoor venues with limited or no grid fed electric. 

Hot Spot Pods are designed to deliver high speed, high capacity Wi-Fi service at virtually any location within line of sight and or line of wire to an upstream provider.   If we can get a Pod to you and get a feed,  you are HOT!  Hot Spot Wi-Fi Pods can be rented, licensed or franchised.

Hot Spot Mobile Wi-Fi Pods can be scaled for any event venue, large or small, indoors or out. They are delivered turnkey with engineered upstream connectivity, high capacity serving and switching hardware, and Wi-Fi Access Point(s).   Enhanced access controller and authentication portal gather critical attendee dempgraphics on log in and delivered to event host.  Complimentary and Premium Wi-Fi network platforms are supported as well as seperate vendor wi-fi network including the capability to process most forms of electronic transactions.

Pods can be outfitted for intimate spaces such as indoor conference halls or meeting rooms or as large as multi hundred thousand square foot exhibitions centers.  Our Wi-Fi PODS excel in outdoor venues from small parks and arenas to large capacity statiums and state forests.  They are also a favorite with the bandwidth thirsty tailgaters not yet within reach in statium Wi-Fi systems

Every event recieves a custom event portal(splash) page and integrated landing page creating incredible digital windows to event attendees and an innovative platform to support event sponsors through mobile devices.

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