Pod Sponsorship and Advertising

Better than a billboard; more views than a banner, balloon, or flag. Hot Spot Wi-Fi Pods are placed in the middle of all the action and attendees cant help but notice them and the value they provide.

This happens again through the captive portal that every attendee sees when select the event Wi-Fi network and on every Landing Page they arrive at after log in. 

Advertising Value and Event Revenue

By deploying Hot Spot Wi-Fi PODs at your event, you create a very focused way to generate valuable impressions each time an attendee logs in and views the portal, banners and/or online advertisments we create with you at your event.

How valueable?  According to the leading thinktank: Monetizepros, this can be from $1.48 to $6.16 per view (impression).  That can translate into thousands of dollars of advertising value, and revenue for your event through our PODs.  

Optional POD passes

Landing Page

Log In Portal

Digital Display on Jumbo Tron